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Via dell'Industria 8 a/b - Calderara di Reno (Bologna) - Italy + (39) 051 72 77 86
Creative Geniuses since 1950


The Story of Giancarlo Bagnara is the story of a self-made man. From the beginning Giancarlo focused on the world of Fashion, always looking to create unique and innovative products. To his five sons Rodolfo, Stefanella, Fiamma, Gianluca and Simona, he passed on the importance of ``Never quit and always keep innovating``. Gianluca continued in his father's steps creating new trends and innovations in the world of Fashion.
No Love Without Risk


70's: Gianluca Bagnara poured all of his enthusiasm and energy into the search of expressing his love. From Formula 3 auto racing to innovations in the world of Fashion. A Great ``Made in Italy`` Brand was born from his love and never-ending determination to express this love in his pursuits.
Ispiration Beginning from Love


One summer afternoon while relaxing on the beach, Gianluca Bagnara gazed at pregnant wife Daniela, then pregnant with their first child, and was inspired to create the logo for Bagnara: B Bagnara.
Happiness and the Strength of Family Union


The Strength and unity of his family gave Gianluca Bagnara the inspiration, enthusiasm and perseverance needed to become a great entrepreneur. His wife, Daniela, and his children Giacomo, Serena and Benedetta bind him to an infinite love and never-ending passion.
Elegance expressed in small Details

The Importance of Artisanship

The respect for tradition combined with constant innovation powers the ``Bagnara - Made in Italy`` Brand. Creativity, quality and elegance make up the core of the Bagnara philosophy. All of this and much more is the world of B-Bagnara.
The Bagnara Team


``I'm so proud of my Team who work together everyday with love and passion to create fresh and innovative style. Exclusively Made in Italy.